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Typical Timeline up to Planning

Below is a typical timeline, from inception to Planning Permission for a typical house and for standard design services. As the principal architect and engineer, I am happy to walk you through your specific journey.


As the first step, you contact me and, ideally, provide me with a general information about your project, please refer to my website & contact form on Contact Page.


Initial Consultation Stage: If I can take on your project, (I only take a limited number of projects to ensure high quality of services) we will arrange an initial consultation to discuss your project requirements, vision, budget and schedule. During this stage, we will also get to know each other, and I will explain my role as the principal architect and engineer. Please note that there will be an initial consultation fee for this stage.

Inception Stage: Based on our discussion during the initial consultation, I will prepare a fee proposal outlining the cost of the services I will provide. If you agree to the fee proposal, we will move forward to the next stage. Allow at least a week.

Survey Stage: After the fees are agreed, the measured survey of existing property must be completed. This could be done be surveyor or in less complex buildings by me. This is a very important part of project as the subsequent design stages will be based on existing plans, sections & elevations produced during the survey stage. Allow at least two days for site survey and  two weeks, since the site survey, to process and issue survey data.

Stage 1 - Initial Design: In this stage, we will work together to develop your brief & outline proposals for the project. We will take into consideration your requirements, vision, budget, and schedule, and develop preliminary designs. Allow for few weeks, depending on complexity of designs.

Stage 2 - Developed Design: Once we have agreed on the outline proposals, we will develop more detailed proposal, including drawings, more accurate cost estimates, and other technical details to the level as required for planning application. I will work closely with you to finalise the design and, should it be required, prepare for planning application. If required, we will submit the planning application to the local authority and liaise with them to maximise probability of a successful outcome. Allow for few weeks, depending on complexity of designs.

The planning process, if everything goes well, could take around 13 weeks, (without allowing a few weeks or months for preparation of design and planning documents, all depending on the client's brief and agreed extent of works) :


1) After lodging a planning application, the planning authority has 8 weeks to decide.


Important Note : Planning authorities can ask for further information, and if so, a few extra weeks are needed to prepare documents. After submitting Further information, Planning authorities then have aprox. 4 weeks to reply. If Additional (Further) Information is requested and indeed, possible Clarification of Additional Information, the applicant has up to 6 months (from the original date the Additional Information was requested) to submit the response to both.


2) Final Grants are issued at the end of the 5th week following a Notification of Decision to Grant Planning Permission by the Planning Authority. 


Important note: The above applies when an appeal has not been lodged with An Bord Pleanála during the 4 week appeal period.

Any decision made can be appealed by the Applicant or objectors, to An Bord Pleanála within 4 weeks from the decision date. A person who has an interest in land ADJOINING land in respect of which a decision to grant permission has been made, may apply to An Bord Pleanála for Leave to Appeal against that decision.

Once the appeals go to An Bord Pleanála the timeline is difficult to estimate and it could take 6-8+months.

After this stage you can continue using my services as Principal Architect & Engineer or you can decide to engage with a contractor directly.
Should it be required, and if you will agree with my separate fee proposals, I can also act as Project Supervisor for Design process , Assigned Certifier, Design Certifier, Interior Designer etc. Please refer to my website & Services Page.

It's important to note that I typically use standard RIAI contracts for my services. These contracts provide a framework for a fair and transparent working relationship between me and my clients and ensure that all parties are protected. I will explain the contract in detail during the inception stage and answer any questions you may have.

I hope this typical approximate timeline helps you understand the process and the services I offer. I am committed to delivering a high-quality project that meets your vision, budget, and schedule, and providing you with excellent customer service along the way.

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