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BER Assessor for Dwellings

Are you in need of a BER (Building Energy Rating) certificate for your property in Charlesland, Greystones, County Wicklow, County Dublin, Leinster, Ulster, Munster or Connaught area? Look no further! I am SEAI registered, and qualified BER Assessor for Dwellings based in Greystones, dedicated to providing efficient and affordable services. Discover how I can help you improve energy efficiency, reduce costs, comply with the legislation and how we can contribute to a greener future:

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30 Years of Dedication

My BER Assessment Process:

I conduct a comprehensive assessment, gathering data on building fabric, heating, ventilation, lighting, and more. The duration typically ranges from one to two hours, but can take even longer depending on the property's size. All collected data is meticulously entered into DEAP software to generate your BER Cert.

Improving Your BER Rating:

My comprehensive advisory report provides tailored recommendations for energy efficiency improvements, outlining how you can achieve the best rating possible.

What is BER?:

A Building Energy Rating, or BER, is an energy label that comes with an advisory report for homes. This rating is based on a straightforward A to G scale, where A-rated homes are the most energy-efficient and typically have the lower energy bills.

When do you need Your BER Certificate?:

Simply put, a BER certificate is compulsory for all homes available for rent or sale. You might also wish to consider a professional advice when doing some work on your home.

  • Selling a Property: If you're selling a house or apartment, a valid BER certificate is a legal requirement. Without it, you can't complete the sale, and property websites won’t/should not list your property without a BER number. The cert for the building is usually valid for 10 years.


  • Renting: Renting out your property? Obtaining a BER certificate is essential to avoid fines. By providing a certificate, I ensure your compliance with legislation, making the rental process seamless.

  • Building a new house? A Provisional BER Cert is a must, setting standards for compliance with current building regulations. Provide your planning reference number and I can guide you through the process.

  • SEAI Grant: Planning energy-efficient upgrades for your home eligible for an SEAI Grant? You'll need a BER certificate to access grant funds. SEAI Registered One Stop shops also require a BER Assessment.

  • Energy Efficiency Advice: Planning energy-efficient upgrades for your home? I offer expert advice on reducing your home's heating and electricity bills. I can provide a BER certificate showing compliance or non-compliance with the Building Regulations Part L.


  • BER Following Upgrades: For energy-efficient upgrades, depending on the scope of work involved, I can provide a BER certificate showing compliance or non-compliance with the Building Regulations Part L.

Discover Your BER Rating:

Use the National BER Register to check if your property already has a valid BER certificate. If registered, you can download it instantly. If your property lacks a BER rating, I can provide for one.

Exemptions from BER Ratings:

Certain buildings and structures are exempt from BER ratings, such as stand-alone buildings under 50 sq/m, protected structures, national monuments, places of worship, non-residential agricultural buildings, and industrial buildings with heat capacity under 10W/m².

Transparent pricing:

My competitive prices are subject to property size, complexity, and location etc., with VAT and SEAI charges included. When you choose my BER Assessment service with a Tailored Advisory Report, you also benefit from decades of my experience as a professional with a holistic understanding of architecture and engineering, along with transparent communication and timely delivery. For a personalised quote tailored to your property, please provide your property address.

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