Welcome, my name is Juraj Gaspierik, I created this simple personal website because I am interested in Architecture, Engineering, and anything related to our natural and built environment.

Motto: Good design creates a functional, sustainable, and aesthetically pleasant environment around us and contributes to the better quality of our lives. 

I experienced many beautiful places, cities, villages, famous buildings, charming homes, and interesting people. My perception of reality, my artistic, technical, and managerial skills are embedded in hundreds of buildings in Ireland and Continental Europe.​ I live in wonderful Greystones, County Wicklow, Ireland. Active between Mountains and Sea.



I invite you to take a look. I decided to present a few virtual projects which are tailored to a specific client's brief and place. If you are interested in hearing and discussing an exclusive story behind any of these projects do not hesitate to contact me.

Juraj Contemporary Design

Contemporary Villa

..ideal proportions of a golden section ratio are incorporated into front elevation, the element of ribbon design is tying together an interlocking cubical masses of three abstract mountains...strategically positioned vertical garden elements act as biological corridors...


Contemporary Community Art Centre ..designed to adapt.. a state of the art remote working hub..The green roof garden can help to mitigate the impact of development on precious local biodiversity... gentle waviness of copper facade panels and translucent concrete facade with a warm glow at night mimic a flame of mystical..

Juraj Gaspierik Contemporary Design

...Contemporary Villa..luxury modern living spaces furnished with bespoke furniture are interconnected with the external environment, the ground floor entrance door is emphasised via the geometry of its frame within the frameless windows with the best thermal transmittance values, the door frame offers a visual guide..

Juraj Gaspierik Traditional Design.jpg

Traditional House, Mountain Cottage, Holiday Home, Home Office.. made of high quality locally sourced materials.. the modified traditional architectural element is doing more than one thing, the roof over observation deck becomes a secret sheltered balcony, elegantly curved roof projection offers spectacular views, it is a carefully crafted guarding with integrated bespoke flower pots at the same time..the value of Architecture is..

The nature and structure of my experience covers all stages of the building project from inception to completion. My portfolio includes residential, leisure, commercial, health care, industrial projects, and protected structures. I have practical experience in design, project management, planning, and construction of different building types and I have a particular interest in the design and construction of an exceptional private residences. I am an Architect and Engineer. For my unique interdisciplinary professional qualifications and international experience refer to LinkedIn (in) profile below.